We help leaders grow their businesses with leading industrial customers in any economic climate.

Our approach has been used in 14 countries to help struggling businesses return to growth with multibillion-dollar industrial customers by finding new revenue sources, beating the competition, increasing price, speeding up sales cycles, boosting deal size, and reducing churn.

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Now Is A Great Time To Win

Winning with heavy industries should be easier now than ever before. Over the last several decades, big changes in how manufacturing, transportation, mining, and oil and gas companies operate have increased the need for outstanding suppliers to serve them. Especially when times are tough.

Smart suppliers to industrial customers have an amazing opportunity to shine right now.

Yet many seasoned sales and marketing leaders have watched their sales cycles grow longer, more complex, and less successful for years. They’ve seen competitive advantage for their products dwindle and prices fall. They’ve endured halting growth and tightening profit margins. In short, many companies are just not as successful at selling to heavy industries as they used to be. 

Moreover, buyers are becoming more sophisticated and complex. Industrial buyers are no longer individuals but teams of decision makers, full of people with competing priorities and personalities. They’re acting more like consumers, expecting products and services unique to their situation and informing themselves using digital means. And they have countless options, not just for the products and services you sell but other ways to achieve whatever value you promise them. 

Winning is getting harder because companies have not yet adjusted to these realities. 

Innovation, marketing, and sales strategies have just not kept up with changing needs. Sales professionals aren’t equipped to navigate complex buying. Marketing has not embraced best practices from other industries. And innovation has been incremental and disconnected from customer needs. But there is hope.

We believe the way to win with industrial customers and stand out from the competition is to become an essential part of their continuous improvement at every point of interaction with them.

The idea is simple. You win when your products, your services, and your sales and marketing activities focus on making your customers better.

What we do.

  • Growth Strategy We help you find sources of profitable growth with innovative business models, service revenue, and entry into new market segments or geographies.
  • Execution We help you plan and execute strategy, new product and service commercialization, and new market entry.
  • Competitive Strategy We help you formulate and articulate true competitive advantage in your market.
  • Innovation We help you optimize your innovation process and ensure that it remains tied to customer needs.
  • Marketing We advance your marketing strategy, bringing it into the digital age and establishing you as the supplier of choice in your industry.
  • Sales We teach sales professionals the skills to solve problems for industrial customers using the methods and language industrial companies already use.


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Steve Borengasser, founder of Sketchbook Strategies, has built a career out of finding creative ways to grow stagnant businesses. His approach draws on over 15 years of experience growing a global consumer packaged goods company in both Asia-Pacific and North America. Steve has held successful roles in strategy, manufacturing, research, product development, marketing, and business development with a history of leading small, talented teams to grow new units within existing businesses. He has a reputation for creativity, approachability and energy.